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Funding is the process of raising funds to launch or support business plans, investments, and more. With our funding services here at Advanced Global we aim to help our clients achieve their business goals by lending them the amount they require. We guarantee that our clients will receive our suppoer throughout the whole implementation of the funding process.

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1-4 SFR

With our 1-4 SFR funding services, our experts will make sure to assist you in giving your family the home they deserve. Talk to our team to learn more!

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Business Loan

When you apply at Advanced Global for a business loan, we will evaluate your company;s history, your company’s debt record, and the risk and safety of your business.

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SBA Loan

We have experts in the business industry who are very willing to help you find the right loan for you business. We guarantee effective and fast results, making sure that you will be informed throughout the process.

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Commercial Loan

Advanced Global offers its funding/ lending services to businesses that need assistance with some sort of financing. Talk to our team to learn more!

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Church Loan

Our consultants are adept when it comes to helping you out with constructing or renovating your church. With our extensive network of professionals, our church loan services allow you to set flexible terms and rates that best fit you ministry.

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Advanced Global’s construction funding service aims to ease cash flow problems by progressing cash against unauthorized applications for payment, staged invoices, or sale invoices.

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My BusinessNeeds You

If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your management consultancy career, we are inviting you to join our growing team. We will help you to turn your profession into a lifetime career.